Workers laying pavers

their JOB IS hard enough...

their rehab shouldn't be

Why Use Us?

The reasons are simple:

  • Therapist Owned
    • Patient care is our top priority
  • Over 15 Years Serving the South Florida Community
  • Fully Bilingual Staff
  • No Transportation Costs
    • We travel to the patient
  • Always a One to One Approach
  • Improved Compliance with Prescribed Therapy
  • Tailored to the Needs of the Patient
  • Great Patient Satisfaction
  • Personal attention at all times

streamlined and effective communication with case managers, adjusters, and attorneys

  • Weekly update on compliance: number of no shows & cancellations
  • Weekly update on visits completed & visits remaining
  • Bi-weekly progress notes
  • Email confirmation when evaluations are scheduled & when completed